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Photographic Inspiration 2018

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Where do I turn for photographic inspiration? I peruse photos on 500px, photo.net, Instagram, Facebook, and NPN. I see many tens of thousands of photographs every year.  My tastes change from time to time in terms of subject matter and post-processing. I seek out and study other people’s work so that I may learn and realize new subjects, techniques, and artistic vision.  

Currently I have a short list of photographers who consistently amaze me with their vision and skill.  This lists changes with time but I thought I would share my current sources of inspiration with you for two reasons.  First, these artists will amaze you!  Second, many of these artists are less well known and don’t get the exposure they deserve.

So sit back, grab a beverage, and enjoy some of the best nature and landscape photography available today!

Dag Ole Nordhaug
Dag is from Norway and it was his images of that part of the world that I first noticed. Dag is a master at ethereal, moody light.  Check out Dag’s work representing his homeland but then also take a look at his images from other parts of the globe including the US.


Paul Marcellini 
Paul’s photography of Florida and the deep South really shows off the beauty of swamps, wetlands, beaches, storms, and the flora and fauna of the region.  Amazing sunsets and storm light abound in Paul’s body of work.



Wayne Suggs 
A fellow New Mexican, Wayne’s eye for composition and his mastery of night photography present the landscapes of New Mexico and the southwest in amazing color and detail.  Wayne specializes in the southern New Mexico deserts and often photographs ancient rock art and the animals that call the desert home.


Perri Schelat 
Perri’s landscapes are breathtaking. I can think of no other way to put it!  So grand and colorful and usually with dramatic weather occurring! I’m particularly fond of her mountain scenes, especially her work from Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies.


Klaus Priebe
Klaus hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and specializes in landscapes and night photography of the southwest.  Klaus’ amazing Milky Way and lightning shots will dazzle you!  Also check out Klaus’ digital artwork where he takes his photographs and turns them into an expression of his mind’s eye!


Charlotte Hamilton Gibb
Based out of Northern California, Charlotte has a unique way of seeing and she is able to translate that gift into her photography for all to share.  From subtle intimate shots to epic landscapes, Charlotte has developed a style unmatched by others.


David Thompson 
David specializes in dramatic landscapes of the southwest but has also been amazing his followers with his images from the Cypress Swamps of the south. Dramatic light, reflections, and fall colors are David’s hallmark.


Tin Man Lee 
Wildlife photography is incredibly difficult. It requires extreme patience, knowledge of the subject, and complete mastery of one’s equipment. Tin Man is the best.  His images are thoughtful, emotional, and present wild animals in the best possible light. 


Peter Coskun
An Arizona based photographer, Peter’s imagery of the southwest is full of dramatic weather, light, and an epic scale.  Peter has recently quit his day job to pursue photography full time and I have no doubt he will be wildly successful.


Chris Williams
If you like black and white landscapes, you must check out Chris’ work.  Chris is able to achieve a tonality that is just unmatched. His black and white mountain and waterfall images will leave you spellbound.  Oh, and his color photos are every bit as spectacular as his black and white images!


Steve Schwindt 
Steve specializes in landscapes of the Pacific Northwest where he resides. If I had to pick one word to describe Steve’s body of work I would pick “Dramatic”.  Steve’s images are so dynamic and colorful that you will be wondering how he does it.  


Dionys Moser 
Dionys is a Swiss photographer who travels the world photographing people, landscapes, and animals.  He has to be, by far, the most prolific photographer on the planet!  But what is amazing is that, despite the sheer number of images he produces, each one is wonderfully composed, colorful, educational, and inspirational.



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