The common point of four intersecting territories
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring ♦ North, East, South, West
Earth, Water, Air, Fire ♦ Mountains, Rivers, Canyons, Plateaus
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue ♦ Deserts, Grasslands, Forests, Alpine
Morning, Evening, Day, Night ♦ Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah

These images were on display at the Substratum Gallery (now closed) in Durango, Colorado during the month of June, 2014.
Inner SanctumInto the AbyssEngineer ReflectionEnlightenmentThree LeavesThe NarrowsEast Fork FallsAspen WhiteSangre de CristoRhythmMoonglowTwilightTouch and GoAloneValle GrandeCourt of the PatriarchsBlue AbiquiuChimney RockThe Grandest CanyonStorm's Over